Why we exist:

Purpose and Growth Initiatives provides job skills and employment to people who are underserved in the Australian employment market such as refugees, veterans, and once-troubled young people, while providing a competitive return to potential investors.

How we do it:

P&G Growth provides manufacturing employment to individuals in underserved communities, validating some of their previous experiences, and providing them with their initial Australian work experience.  The first of these ventures is PG Paper Tubes (www.pgpapertubes.com.au). It is a traditional company.  A portion of P&G Growth’s profits fund the nonprofit P&G Purpose (www.pgpurpose.org), are returned to these employees, and are used to fund the acquisition of the next operating company to employ still more people. P&G Purpose collaborates with each employee of P&G Growth to identify their employment goals outside of P&G Growth.  After these goals are identified, bespoke development plans are created for each individual.  P&G Purpose fill the gaps in each development plan through internal resources or by contracting other providers.  After training and development is complete, P&G Purpose engages other companies to place these individuals in jobs outside of P&G Growth that match their preferences.