What We Believe

We are here to serve our team and society, to put them ahead of ourselves. Unfortunately, society will always overlook some people.  The people who are overlooked can and do change from widows/orphans to the stateless.  This calls us to critically evaluate who we are helping. Regardless of the group of people, we believe that we have a duty/positive obligation to reach out. We don’t want to undertake a fair fight to help either of them.  We want to invest in businesses that have a sustainable competitive advantage based on efficiency or barriers to entry, reference.  


Long term objectives:

  • Society
    • Two-Generation threshold: We believe that what we create and how we create it will positively impact the lives of those sixty years hence.
    • Quality: We believe that we exist to serve our customers.  We want them to repeat-purchase at twice the industry benchmark rate.  
  • Our People
    • The Overlooked: We want at least 50% of our people to be on their first job, and from overlooked communities with limited traditional Australian work experience such as veterans, trafficked women, and refugees.  We will take the extra time and money to train and mentor them.  
    • Positive-Churn: We believe that people should have the opportunity to grow. We want to ensure that  more than 50% of employees have the opportunity to be placed in a substantially-different role or at a different company within two years, if they wish. 
    • Remuneration: We believe that there is such a thing as enough money. Everyone should have a livable wage.  The pay differential within the company will not exceed three times. We believe that every employee should have every opportunity to share in the upside through performance bonuses or equity, and that every equity owner should contribute to the business. 

Incomplete list of benchmarks we will not use

  • Capitalization: Initial public offerings, Market Capitalization, Dividend/Interest payments
  • Size: Scale <> Good, and we will intentionally try to remain below 150 people.
  • Novelty/Untested markets (for their own sakes)
  • Prestigious Awards from any source, no matter how socially-minded.  We will be gracious when we receive them, but they will not be displayed or published in our reports.


How we get there

The only way to achieve our social mission is to have a very profitable enterprise.  Most investors are intelligent pack animals who calculate too much and think too little.  We plan to look in out-of-the-way places to find value others have overlooked.  We are industry agnostic, and search using business brokers, bankruptcy proceedings, and word-of-mouth.  

Planning for the next acquisition: Investment Framework

Access to the investment framework is limited to collaborators/co investors.  It is largely based on those with similarly-long horizons, like Dodd, Buffett, Munger.  If you read the books recommended by Buffet (for instance here), then nothing in this framework will be shocking. It is merely concealed because we do not want the value of a transaction to be captured by a seller, but rather captured by the people we are serving.  If we revealed exactly what our criteria was, then the seller may increase the price at the expense of the community, employees, investors, suppliers, or consumers.  This would hurt our mission. 

Growing this thinking

We welcome all who believe as we do in the core tenants above to join us, regardless of what other beliefs you hold or what background you have.  

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  1. Just somehow stumbled on your company & followed through your products & learnt of your work with newly arrived Australians : I think you are doing very worthwhile work. Just wanted to say Well Done!

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